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University Friends Circle enhances strong relationships between University of California Merced and communities of the Central Valley through programs that promote social and intellectual interaction. University Friends Circle raises funds to support UC Merced endowed scholarships and a Student Impact Fund (SIF) that supports projects and student organizations that significantly contribute to UC Merced student success. University Friends Circle is open to all who support the mission and activities of the organization.

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University Friends Circle is a dues-based organization. For just $50 per year, you will receive a monthly newsletter, membership directory, discounted luncheon program rates, and special invitations to UC Merced events. Click here to join now!

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Monthly luncheon programs feature an outstanding UC Merced faculty member who shares about their research and the real societal impact. Throughout the year, UFC organizes additional events, including an annual scholarship reception and athletics tailgate parties.

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We strive to support UC Merced students through our fundraising efforts, which include the UFC Endowed Scholarship and Student Impact Fund.

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Events and Happenings

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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