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Board of Directors


The University Friends Circle is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Members are elected or appointed to a one-year term beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

To contact any member of the board, please email or call 209-752-8833.

Elected Officers

President: Judy Pfitzer-Boyer
1st Vice President (President-Elect): 
2nd Vice President (Program Content): Ann Andersen
Co-2nd Vice President (Program Arrangements): Barbara Ward
Co-2nd Vice President (Program Arrangements): Karen Le Cocq
Secretary: Gaye Riggs
Financial Liaison: Mike Cuchna
Immediate Past President: Mike Cuchna


Chancellor's Designee: Ed Klotzbier
Common Interest Committee Co-Chair: Pauline Cuchna
Common Interest Committee Co-Chair: Martha Goodwin
Governance Chair: Kathy Hansen
Historian: Kathy Hansen
Membership/Volunteer Committee Chair: Cathie Lancaster
Fundraising Committee Chair: 
Scholarships/Awards Committee Co-Chair: Teresa Pitta
Scholarships/Awards Committee Co-Chair: Patti Kishi
Special Events Committee Co-Chair: Mindy Broadley
Special Events Committee Co-Chair: Judy Pfitzer-Boyer
Special Projects - Guardian Scholars Co-Chair: Belinda Braunstein
Special Projects - Guardian Scholars Co-Chair: Joanna Browning                                                                                                       

SIF Committee Chair: Mindy Broadley                                                                                                                                            Director-at-Large/SIF Committee: Stella Danis                                                                                                                                  Director-at- Large: Donald Barclay
Director-at- Large: Christie Hendricks

Non-Voting Members

UC Merced Chancellor: Juan Sánchez Muñoz
UFC Staff Liaison: Chris Luna