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Scholarship Information for Students



This financial scholarship is designed for individual students who believe in making the world a better place by serving/volunteering locally. Or as John Lennon said, "Think globally, act locally."

Are you interested in caring for the Lake Road bike path (or any other paths), regularly assisting local firefighters, or volunteering with elementary school teachers? Do you have an idea of another way that you, as an individual, can help the Merced community? University Friends Circle wants to thank you for serving Merced! 

The applications go live in February/March, and all second year and above students may apply. Each year, scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000 each, and three to five applicants are selected. Awardees are chosen based on voluntary service off campus, in the local community. Students describe their chosen volunteer package, explaining the choice, who benefits, and how they benefit. To apply, go to, which will take you to the log-in screen, where you can start answering the questions. Once you answer the questions, you will then be led to the scholarship application if you match the criteria.  Good luck!


This financial scholarship is designed for UC Merced student organizations who regularly provide services/assistance to the off-campus community in Merced county. Does your org offer your members a variety of service opportunities for people or places over the course of the school year in an ongoing manner?  Does your org offer service benefits to your on-campus community? Those services could be in the form of short workshops on a needed topic or development of leadership skills for students who want to join an org.

The UCMerced Friends Circle Organization Award Scholarship applications are now live!  There could be as many as three undergraduate organizations selected and one graduate organization selected from applicants. APPLY HERE by March 3rd, 2024!

You can veiw a list of past scholarship recipients and organizations on the bottom half of this page: